Top 10 Must-Dos for Good Blog Posts Bonus: Videos

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Videos actually have a higher chance of ranking on the first page of Google keyword results for videos than text pages. Also, more people prefer to watch videos nowadays. Video watchers are more serious buyers, responsible for more page views on a website, spend more time on websites, and complete more conversions.

Top 10 Must-Dos for Good Blog Posts #10: Call to Action

Your reader just finished reading or scanning your amazing blog post. What do they do now? Your call to action, or CTA for short, that answers the question: What do I do next? (Don’t ever assume that the reader knows what you want them to do.)

Top 10 Must-Dos for Good Blog Posts #9: Categories and Tags

If you have done any blogging, you know that categories and tags are useful for segmenting blog post content based on subject matter, theme, or keywords. The main purpose of categories and tags is to organize the content so that it’s easy to access for our readers.

Top 10 Must-Dos for Good Blog Posts #8: Links

There are two types of links: external links and internal links. External links are when you link to someone else’s website, another article, another post, etc. Internal links are links to other pages on your website and are highly recommended for blogs.

Top 10 Must-Dos for Good Blog Posts #7: Focus Keywords

Your focus keywords are the terms and phrases that you want your post to rank for in search engines like Google. Remember, keywords are still important for SEO. They don’t carry the weight that they once used to, but they are still super critical to optimizing your blog post for Google rankings.

Top 10 Must-Dos for Good Blog Posts #4: Short Text

As a blogger, you need to be as clear and intentional with your word choice as possible, because you know that you have to get your point across in fewer words. You don’t have much time to get or keep a reader’s attention. We’re talking seconds here. That’s why short text is your friend.