Top 10 Must-Dos for Good Blog Posts #10: Call to Action

Hey guys, it’s Tyree from Website Muscle. We are going through our top ten must-dos for good blog posts and we have reached number ten: the Call to Action.

What Do I Do Next?

So, a reader has finished reading or scanning your amazing blog post. What do they do now? Calls to action, or CTAs for short, that answers the question: What do I do next?

Think about the next step that you would like a reader to take once they’ve gone through a particular post. Should they read more? Should they read something else? Should they contact you? Is it time to buy something? Set up a meeting?

Whatever the case may be, tell them. Don’t ever assume that they know what you want them to do, and don’t put the ball in their court. The ball is always in your court. So keep asking, keep asking, keep asking.

We like to use the analogy of marriage: keep asking them to marry you. Ask for their hand in marriage until they dump you or until they say yes. Just no restraining orders, please.

Call to Action Best Practices

So we recommend at least one, but maybe two calls to action per post or page on your site. The two types are a main call to action which is that direct, “Will you marry me?” Buy now, contact me, set up a meeting, let’s do this.

A secondary call to action is a little less forward, and it’s a good option for readers who are not quite ready to seal the deal but they might be open to a second date. So, read more, learn more, download this free offer, sign up for our newsletter and so on.

Free offers are really highly recommended, like our e-book that we’ve created with our top ten list. It’s a great way to get people into your sales funnel because you can get their typically gated content, you can get their email address, and then you can continue to woo them with your great content until they’re ready to say yes to you.

Don’t ever neglect to include a call to action. It’s one of those things, again, you might wait till last, but don’t put it least, because it is very important.

Here’s a call to action for you: Our “Blog Writing Guide” eBook has 10 tips on crafting the best blog posts possible. You can download it here.

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