Top 10 Must-Dos for Good Blog Posts #3: Bullets and Numbered Lists

Hey guys, welcome back. This is Tyree from Website Muscle going through our top ten must-dos for good blog posts. Number three is bullets and numbered lists.

Bullets and Numbered Lists

This video is going to be a short one because there’s not a ton to say. It’s super important for readability and scannability for you to break up the content with bullet points and numbered lists, and/or numbered lists, whichever you prefer.

Scannability is Key

Bullet points and numbered lists, like our headings and subheadings from video number two, have a higher chance of being read than standard copy because they stand out, people don’t read, they scan. And it breaks the content up into nice, bite-sized pieces.

The exception to this rule is if you are overusing these methods. If you use bullet points constantly, then it’s not going to have the desired effect of improving readability and highlighting important information.

So be smart, sprinkle them throughout your posts, use them sparingly but strategically to highlight important information and it will help your users read your posts better. (And Google as well.)

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Happy blogging!

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