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Clarify Your Marketing Message | Step 4: Share Your Process

If you could narrow your process down to three or four compelling and concise steps, what would those be? If you can share your process ...
Business Growth

Clarify Your Marketing Message | Step 3: Introduce Yourself

In Step 3 of our 7 Steps to Clarify Your Marketing Message, Introduce Yourself, we’re going to talk about your company for the first time. ...
Business Growth

Clarify Your Marketing Message | Step 2: Address the Problem

In our last post, we talked about the customer being on the road and encountering a problem. In Step 2 of Clarify Your Marketing Message, ...
Business Growth

Clarify Your Marketing Message | Step 1: Identify Your Customer

One of the biggest opportunities that I see for small businesses to grow is to Clarify Your Marketing Message. The first step is to identify your customer, ...
Business Growth

Clarify Your Marketing Message | Overview

We’ve been building websites for about 10 years, and the biggest problem we’ve seen in our industry is that most small- to medium-sized businesses don’t ...

Is Link-Building Still a Thing, and Does it Work?

Does link-building still work? Does link-building bring back memories of a bygone era? Some would have you believe link-building is an obsolete SEO tactic… either ...
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Book Review: Building a StoryBrand

Most business owners spend so much time on the details of their companies that they don’t know how to have effective marketing conversations with their ...
Company Culture

The 5 Top Mobile Apps That Run Our Business

We use these 5 mobile apps to make sure we get things done, take care of our clients, and remember to pick up the groceries ...
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How to Write a Super Effective Case Study

We’ve done our fair share of trial-and-error on what makes a great case study. The framework and tips here are designed to create effective case ...
Case Studies

Pacific Summit Energy: A High Energy Case Study

PSE needed a website that showed off their capabilities and showcased the markets they specialized in.