Clarify Your Marketing Message | Step 3: Introduce Yourself

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Hi, I’m Sam Nelson from Website Muscle.

We’re on to Step 3 of 7 Steps to Clarify Your Marketing Message.

The first step was identifying exactly who your customer is and what their business goals and objectives are.

In step 2, we clarified the two levels of your customer’s problem:

  1. What is leading them to search for your product or service?
  2. What thoughts, feelings, questions, and frustrations do they have during their search?

In Step 3, Introduce Yourself, we’re going to talk about your company for the first time. This part is always easy, usually because most of our clients talk about what they do a lot.

Two Ways to Introduce Yourself Successfully

There are two ways to successfully introduce yourself in your marketing message:

1. How does your company help to alleviate fears and frustrations for your customer?

You’re providing a service for the customer, of course, but you need to address how your business will deal with the pain points they have been dealing with.

2. Why should the customer trust you?

We like to use “trust indicators” on websites, which shows that you’ve “been there and done that.” Trust indicators can also include case studies, which prove that you’ve successfully served other customers before.

If I asked you what you can show to a potential customer to prove that you’ve been there and done it before, and you’ve helped somebody in the same situation they are in right now, what would you put in front of them?

Do you have testimonials from high-profile customers? Can you just talk about the names of the companies you’ve worked with to show visitors that they can trust you?

Other Trust Indicators

Case studies, testimonials, statistics, years in business, awards the experience of your team — there are a lot of ways that we can show your company’s authority.

Usually showing customers why they can trust you is the easiest part of the marketing message exercise. The first question is more nuanced because it addresses your customers’ fears and frustrations.

Think these questions through, write down a few ideas, and then we’ll move onto Step 4 — Share Your Process.

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