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Case Studies

Pacific Summit Energy: A High Energy Case Study

PSE needed a website that showed off their capabilities and showcased the markets they specialized in.

10 Point SEO Best Practices Checklist

Make sure all of your content is meeting Google’s rules and won’t drive away your visitors.
Website Development

The 2 Most Important Things to Know Before Starting a Website Project

There are two things to know before starting a website project. Start by asking yourself these questions.
Case Studies

Arrowhead Products: Case Study Blast-Off!

Arrowhead Products is a leading provider of niche aerospace and rocket components.

Drawing a Blank: Benefits of a Text-Only Header

Can you really just slap a text-only header at the top of your website and call it 'design'?
Case Studies

GPI: A “High Pressure” Case Study

GPI is a manufacturer of temperature and pressure gauges, with operations both in China and in Los Angeles. Here's a little more about their project.

Does My Website Need a Sitemap Page?

A sitemap page is an important design component that makes sure your website is easy for Google to read.

What is a 404 Page and Why Do You Need One?

The 404 page is a staple of the internet. If you combined all the times someone landed on a 404 page instead of the page ...
Case Studies

Spaccio Italiano: An Authentic (and Delicious) Case Study

Spaccio Italiano is a casual Italian restaurant located next to the Newport Pier. SI specializes in authentic Italian Street Food, handmade fresh daily.

The 3 Best Questions for Your Web Designer

We’ve come up with some simple questions for your web designer that any agency worth your time should be able to answer easily.