Top 10 Must-Dos for Good Blog Posts #1: Compelling Headline

Hi, this is Tyree from Website Muscle, and welcome to the “Top Ten Must-Dos for Good Blog Posts.”

If you watched the intro video, then you know that for good blog posts, you need:

  • A strategy
  • Knowledge of your audience
  • Content ideas to get started
  • A schedule to plan your posts

This video is the first in the “Top Ten” series, and the number one important thing for creating a good blog post is a compelling headline.

The headline is also going to be your post title. In HTML, it’s called the title tag.

This is crucial because it’s often the first impression a reader gets of your post. So, the number one goal is to get them to click on that heading and click through to read the rest of your post — or, as we know, scan the rest of your post because users don’t read. Once a reader has seen that headline, we want them to click through to the post.

You can save writing that headline for last, but it is not least. It is a very important part of writing a blog post, so put some thought into what your headline should be.

We want something that’s engaging and enticing, something that is understandable. It should be catchy but it’s not cryptic, and something that a user might actually type into a Google search. We call these the long tail phrases. Long-tail phrases are better for blogging purposes because they’re usually less competitive, which improves your chances of ranking for them.

Pro Tip: If you need help, we use the CoSchedule headline analyzer to help us produce catchy headlines.

Our “Blog Writing Guide” eBook has 10 tips on making the best blog posts possible. If you’re interested, you can fill out a form and download it here.

So, there you go, number one, compelling headline. Happy blogging.

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