Spaccio Italiano: An Authentic (and Delicious) Case Study

WARNING: You may get hungry while reading this post. If you experience mouth watering or stomach growling, stop what you’re doing. RUN — don’t walk — over to the Newport Beach Pier for some authentic Italian street food from Spaccio Italiano.

Restaurant projects are fun — especially when they’re as tasty as Spaccio Italiano!

The Client

Spaccio Italiano is a casual Italian restaurant located at the Newport Beach Pier. The owners are Luciano Paci and his wife Franca, who moved to the OC from Italy a few years ago.

Luciano and Franca’s goal is to share their passion for the food they prepare and eat in their own home. That is, authentic, fresh, handmade, and healthy Italian food.

The SI menu includes:

  • Italian imported meats and cheeses
  • homemade flatbread pizza
  • fresh salads using locally sourced and organic produce
  • espresso
  • a variety of homemade gelato flavors, including some with Italian imported chocolate

The Project

Before our meeting, Spaccio Italiano had no website at all. The majority of their customers were walk-ins and word-of-mouth referrals.

Luciano and Franca wanted to reach locals searching for Italian food on their phones or computers. They also wanted to share their story and new menu, and let people know where they’re located and how to contact them.

We decided a simple one-page website would best meet their objectives. First of all, most of their customers would be mobile users, so ease of use and simplicity would be important. Also, there wasn’t a need for a large amount of content.

The contact information would need to be easy to find on the new website. Top priority would be location and phone number. Next would be the menu (in downloadable pdf form, making it easy for the owners to add or remove menu items). And finally, images of the storefront and the main attraction — delicious Italian food!

The Result

Communication is key to the survival of any relationship. Business is no exception.

We work hard to make sure our clients feel heard and understood. When we encounter challenges with communication, we don’t shy away. We want all our clients to feel special and appreciated, and for them to be proud to show the world their new site.

Though we experienced a few minor hiccups in communication with the SI project, we all stuck with it. In the end, a beautiful website was built and everyone was happy!

We are grateful for Luciano and Franca and love what they’ve done with their restaurant. But now my mouth is watering, so I guess we’ll be scheduling another team lunch at Spaccio Italiano soon!

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