Swan Stonarts - Website Project


Most of our projects take around 45-90 days to launch. However, should you need your site launched sooner, let us know as we can usually accommodate shorter timelines.

Your involvement is crucial to a speedy and efficient project. See the next question for more on this.

Your involvement is crucial to a speedy, efficient, and successful project. Oftentimes, when projects get stalled it is due to conflicts with the client’s schedule. We understand you’re running a business and unfortunately, business can’t stop for you to focus solely on your website. But there will be several points at which we will require your feedback and approval; without it, it may hinder us from moving forward on the project, thereby causing delays. 

We set target deadlines and milestones internally, and some of our clients find it helpful if we set deadlines for them as well, so that things don’t get lost in the shuffle or drag out unnecessarily. If you’d like us to do that for you, let us know. 

Some of our clients either have committees or more than one designated point person for the website project; others have one point person running with the project, but at some point they have to submit it to the leadership or board for approval. 

We ask that in these situations, you just let us know and we’ll find a solution that works for everyone involved. It can be tricky when we get approval from our point person every step of the way, and then in the eleventh hour, a committee reviews the website and comes back with drastic changes. It’s not a problem for us — we’ll always work to get the website to where you want it to be — but at this point, it’s considered a change of scope that will likely incur additional costs for you. 

To avoid additional unforeseen costs, let’s discuss how we can involve the necessary people from the beginning, in a way that works for everyone!

We strive to be your long-term, proactive website partner. To that end, we are happy to help with the ongoing management of your website, including website hosting, software updates, and keeping your website relevant and accurate for visitors. 

Our hosting clients receive one hour of client support requests per month at no extra cost. These include text changes, image swap-outs, changes to staff, etc. Requests exceeding one hour are subject to our hourly rate of $100/hour, billed to the nearest half hour.

For clients who do not host with us, client support requests are subject to our hourly rate of $100/hour, billed to the nearest half hour.

Client support requests can be submitted by clicking the “Client Support” tab on our website.

Your hosting provider can affect your site’s performance, load times, security, and user experience, for better or for worse.  

There are lots of hosting companies to choose from, but only one we recommend — and that is WP Engine.

Let’s back up a minute. Once your new website is live, it will need to be hosted somewhere. Think of this as “rented space” for your website. 

That space can either provide a place for your site to live but with no security or amenities; or they can be upscale gated communities with all the bells and whistles that matter to a professional business like yours. WP Engine is the latter.

You can host your site directly with WP Engine, or you can take advantage of our Managed Hosting solution. We’ve detailed all your options in this post.


Next Steps

What’s next? After you’ve reviewed our Proposal, we’ll be happy to discuss any questions you have. If you choose to work with us, let us know and we’ll send you our contract and 50% deposit invoice.

Once the contract is signed and deposit invoice paid, we’ll kick off the project with our Discovery session. From there, we’ll wireframe the home page and send it to you for review. (What’s a wireframe?) We’ll make any necessary revisions to the wireframe and once approved, we’ll use it as our framework for the home page design. 

We’ll send you the designed home page for review and when we receive your feedback, we’ll make the necessary revisions. This is Round 1 of revisions.

Once approved, we’ll go ahead and build out the remaining pages of the website in accordance with the look and feel of the approved home page. You’ll be receiving an invoice for our 25% progress payment around this time.

Once complete, we’ll send you the fully built site for your review and feedback. This is Round 2 of revisions.

Finally, once all revisions are made, we’ll do a final QA of the site and get the green light from you to launch your brand new site! You’ll receive our final invoice (25% of total project cost plus any additional costs that may have come up) at this time.