Petroleum Marketing Equipment: A Case Study Fueled by Success

We’ve all had moments where we’ve become aware of things we had never thought of. Like how something works, or how something can’t exist or function apart from something else. It seems so obvious once you’re aware of it, but before then, it’s not even a thought.

Our project with PME was kind of like that — and since we love learning new things, it was a great fit!

The Client

Petroleum Marketing Equipment, or PME, is a petroleum equipment distributor. What is ‘petroleum equipment’, you may be wondering? Well, most of us need and use petroleum on a regular basis (ever drive a car that’s fueled by gasoline?).

But there’s also the equipment that holds, stores, and dispenses petroleum. (If you have, you should fill out an application with PME.)

PME is a full-line petroleum equipment distributor. Naturally, gas station equipment is one of its specialties. Gas station equipment includes fuel storage tanks, service station hardware, fuel pumps, and point of sale systems.

Commercial truck fleets, marinas, and emergency backup generators also need fueling systems. PME designs and tailors these systems to each customer’s specifications.

The Project

PME came to us with an old, outdated website that was not mobile-friendly nor user-friendly. The content did not reflect the company’s growth and territory expansion.

The old site did not reflect PME’s size, success, or professionalism. It also did not convey the proper message to its target audience. All this was crucial to PME’s next goal: to partner with some large nationwide retailers.

Additionally, 2018 marks PME’s 25th anniversary in business. A revamped online presence would be a great way to celebrate the past and usher in the next quarter century in business!

PME hired our friend Jon Haverstick to take some on-site photography for the new website. Real photos are usually preferred over stock, especially in niche industries like PME’s. (Stock photos that convey an accurate message are tough to find in niche industries. Plus, stock photos can be cheesy. Customers can tell when the photos are of actual members of your team!)

I designed the site to be clean, with some white space, nice images and design elements to add depth and fullness. I also added vendor logos as trust indicators.

PME wanted to highlight a few more facts:

It is a Certified Woman-Owned Business, and

It offers free vendor certification classes as a value-add.

Eventually, PME would like to have some of its products available for sale on the website.

The Result

PME was a joy to work with. The team was accessible, involved, and helpful, providing excellent feedback throughout the project.

We are confident the new site will help PME put its best foot forward as they celebrate 25 years of business! We look forward to working with PME as they continue to grow and expand their territory across the U.S.

Check out the site at!

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