Payday Money Centers: A Totally Modern Case Study

The Client

Payday Money Centers has been a local financial services center in Southern California since 1997.

As the “friendly neighborhood bank alternative,” Payday has dozens of locations throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, and San Diego Counties. They offer quick short- and long-term financial solutions without the restrictions of a bank.

The Project

As we mentioned above, Payday has been in business since 1997. When they came to us, their website looked like it was as old as the company itself.

Our main mandate from the Payday team was to thoroughly modernize the site. They wanted a professional and up-to-date look and feel that defined Payday as a contemporary player in the marketplace.


Our designer replaced the old site’s cramped, boxed-in look with an open, minimalist design with lots of white space. The blue in Payday’s logo, which had been used as the background color, became the primary accent color on the new site.

The broad, bold homepage image and simplified sitemap set the tone for the rest of the new site. The modular design and full-width sections are easy to use, especially on mobile devices. Further, all of the site’s contact information is linked and accessible on mobile, removing another obstacle for potential customers.

In another nod to modern functionality, we were able to replace Payday’s existing “Locations” page — formerly a long list of names and addresses — with an interactive Google Map that allows users to search for or click on the location closest to them.


To continue modernizing Payday’s online presence, our content writer worked with the company’s leadership to define the financial services that the new site would highlight. We established calls-to-action for each page that provide a clear path for website visitors to convert — which, in Payday’s case, meant calling or visiting a local office.

Payday’s leadership provided existing content and competitor examples to make our content writer’s job easier. Together, we were able to effectively shape the language that Payday used to talk about its services and remove any redundant or unnecessary content.

After a thorough proofread to make sure that their website content complied with industry regulations, we were able to successfully integrate the new content with the site’s new design.

The Results

Payday Money Centers’ new website launched successfully and reinvigorated the company’s online presence. Their new WordPress website is flexible enough to grow as Payday expands its service offerings and locations.

On a personal level, the client’s entire team was a great partner on this project. We know business owners can be busy, but Payday’s leadership responded to our every request and suggestion, and was a great collaborator at every step.

We found out firsthand that they take the “Friendly” part of “Friendly Neighborhood Bank Alternative” very seriously indeed.

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