Logo Styles

Logo Formats

Which one of these logo formats do you believe best represents your brand?


This format includes your company’s name in stylized typeface and/or your company initials in a simple shape.

Pictorial Mark

This mark includes literal or representative imagery to symbolize your brand.

Abstract Mark

This format includes abstract shapes and symbols that convey a specific idea or attribute. These types of logos are very unique and identifiable often without the company name.

Emblem or Enclosure

This features the name or initials of the company, usually as part of a pictorial element or shape.

Logo Styles

Which one do you feel best represents your brand?

Web 2.0

Common elements typically include vibrant colors, a subtle 3D feel, bold type, color transitions, shadows, gloss and reflection.


Common elements include fresh colors, stylized imagery and clean type.


Common elements include timeless colors, literal imagery and traditional type.


Common elements include detail, textures, flowing lines and distinctive type.

Complex illustration

These include a hand-drawn feel depicting a scene or character.

Font Style

What style of font do you feel best represents your brand?


Sans Serif