Indago: A Case Study

As you probably know by now, many of our clients work in highly specialized industries. We actually enjoy this, because it challenges our brains to learn new things! But we’re extra stoked when our niche clients also happen to be really nice people to work with. That was Indago.

Interesting subject matter, cool company, great people. Talk about a Win for Website Muscle!

Here’s a bit about the project:

The Client

Indago is a company specializing in R&D tax credits. In other words, they help innovative companies claim the Research and Experimentation Tax Credit under Internal Revenue Code Section 41.

Companies that qualify for the R&D tax credit typically fall into the software, manufacturing, engineering, aerospace, and architecture industries, but that’s definitely not an exclusive list. (Basically industries that are developing or making improvements to products, processes, formulas, software, prototypes, etc.)

Indago is a very niche company comprised of CPAs, engineers, and strategists. The team advocates for their clients to receive the R&D tax credit. Since the company is so specialized, it essentially functions as an extension of a traditional CPA firm and a corporate accounting department.

The Project

Indago was built largely on CPA referrals, as their services are usually outside the scope of a traditional CPA. This goes to show that Indago is very well respected in the tax and accounting industries.

The Indago team wanted a website that would reflect their professionalism and convey their message as simply and concisely as possible.

It was important to Indago that their new site be mobile-responsive, visually engaging, easy to read (with content broken up into easily digestible bits and catchy headlines) and easy to navigate. It was also important to keep the design clean and clutter free, with an appropriate amount of white space. (Can we say “music to our ears”?)

The Indago “mascot”, a cute cartoon dog (Get it? Indago? In-DOG-oh… it took me a minute to catch on too) was also strategically placed around the site. The dog is surprisingly charming without being childish or unprofessional, and conveys a feeling of fun and lightheartedness. (Which is probably something you need when you’re dealing with the IRS, am I right?)

The Results

The Indago team was great to work with. They were super motivated to keep the project running smoothly and on time, they provided content and feedback when we needed it, and they were very responsive and communicative — just an overall joy to work with. We look forward to doing more projects with them in the future. Thanks, Indago!

The end result is a modern, professional website that suits Indago’s style and reflects its reputation, which is a win in our books!

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