Horizon Education: A Case Study Sequel

The Client

Horizon Test Prep provides training and materials for teachers who want to run SAT/ACT prep classes on school campuses. Horizon’s courses offer proven results for students and supplemental income for the teachers that run the test prep sessions.

The Project

This wasn’t our first go-round with Horizon Test Prep. We built and launched a new website with them in 2015, and both they and we were happy with it at the time.

So what changed? Well, the leadership team at Horizon realized that they needed to refine their message to more effectively serve their target market. Since the direction of Horizon’s marketing was changing, they came to us for a website redesign that matched their new path.


Horizon’s previous website was made for multiple audiences, including school administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Instead of trying to focus on everyone, Horizon realized that they needed to narrow their scope and zero in on one core audience — the teachers who spearhead the test prep programs.

By eliminating pages and resources for audiences that were unlikely to convert on their site, Horizon was able to streamline their content and reduce the number of pages considerably. The Horizon team provided updated website content, including video testimonials, that reflected their new direction.

After a few conversations with our content writer and some minor adjustments to the text, we were able to ensure that every page provided valuable information for Horizon’s target audience and guided their users intuitively toward taking action.


Because of our great relationship with Horizon and the reduced number of pages, our designer was able to collaborate closely with them and develop each page to serve Horizon’s audience.

We were also able to incorporate some new functionality available through our preferred WordPress theme, such as image “hotspots” on a home page graph.

The photography used throughout the site also changed with Horizon’s new marketing focus. While the old site’s homepage featured a looping video of students walking around a school campus, the new homepage highlights a room full of “teachers teaching teachers,” which better fits Horizon’s new direction.

The Results

If we liked Horizon Test Prep before, we loved them after this project. Not only were they extremely prepared because they were familiar with our process, they were positive and open to suggestions during each step.

The new site launched quickly, is easier to maintain, and better serves the audience Horizon is trying to reach — a win for everyone involved.

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