Cummins & White: Case (Study) Closed.

Cummins & White, LLP is a law firm in Newport Beach specializing in business and commercial litigation. This project had a ton of content, but we made it work!

The Client

Cummins & White, LLP is a mid-size law firm in Newport Beach, specializing in civil litigation, commercial transactions and litigation, business law, appellate, real estate, estate and tax planning, and more.

We’ve built several law firm websites and we’ve found some common challenges among law firm websites. One is content. Lawyers love words, so convincing them that less is more when it comes to website content is almost always a challenge. And secondly, lawyers love details. Not that we don’t appreciate detail, because you bet we do — but sometimes it takes a little coaxing to get the client to trust in our expertise, that we know what details are super important according to best practices and UX, and which ones are secondary. Thankfully, overall Cummins & White was a really easygoing and pleasant law firm to work with!

The Project

Cummins & White’s previous site was old and outdated, with a ton of content that needed revising and reorganizing.

Design-wise, the client was looking for a modern site with a well-organized navigation to help clients and prospective clients readily find the content they’re looking for.

We created custom bio pages for the attorneys, because the client wanted something to differentiate their staff profiles. We also created a Videos page, where we organized several videos the client had created, as well as a Careers page for new talent to join the Cummins & White team. The firm has a great reputation and has represented many high-profile clients, so we selected some of those clients and placed their logos on the Home page. Finally, the firm is located in Newport Beach, so we selected a large image of Newport Beach for the Home page.

Likewise, Kyle had his work cut out for him — many pages of web content, plus 21 attorney and paralegal bios, and 46 case studies. Here’s a frame of reference for you: we work on website content (collaboratively with the client) via Google docs, which we call the Content Bank. The Cummins & White Content Bank contained 176 pages of content! (That doesn’t mean the site itself has that many pages, but still — it’s a lot.)

The Result

This was a challenging project in that it required a lot of thought at how best to keep all the content organized and easy to navigate for the user. But we did it, and we think it turned out great! Fortunately, the client agreed!

Take a look at the Cummins & White website to see how we organized all the content.

Case closed!

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