Clarify Your Marketing Message | Step 6: Failure

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Hey, Sam Nelson here again from Website Muscle, and now we’re onto Step 6 of our 7 Steps to Clarify Your Marketing Message series. We’re almost there!

We call the second-to-last step the Failure step. We want to identify the things that could happen if the customer decides not to do anything or chooses one of your competitors.

We’re just listing these right now, they aren’t necessarily going directly into your marketing message. For this exercise, I think about sitting in front of a potential customer and saying, “Your decision on this matters because of these things,” which you can then list out.

We want to make sure we identify these things, because — on your website, for example — we can mention the failure possibilities briefly before shifting into the Success discussion in the final step.

A lot of customers aren’t aware of the things that could possibly go wrong. Many clients come to us after having a bad experience in which things go wrong that they didn’t even know could go wrong.

To make it clear that we have our clients’ best interests in mind up front, we present the things that could go wrong in the process. Take a minute as part of the exercise to identify those things for your business before moving onto the last step in our Clarify Your Marketing Message Series: Success.

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