Introducing the “Top 10 Must-Dos for Good Blog Posts”

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a blog-writing guide that I’ve created. I’m calling it my “Top 10 Must-Dos for Good Blog Posts”.

What I mean by “good” is two things:

  1. The posts are readable and valuable to your audience.
  2. The posts are SEO friendly for Google purposes.

If you have great content but nobody can see it, then what’s the point?

If you have content that’s visible but it’s not great, again… what’s the point?

You’re wasting your time.

So, if you’re blogging, great, keep going and follow these top ten guidelines. If you’re not blogging, this can encourage you to start. These things are super-easy and going to be very effective for your blog.

Two things before we get started:

  1. Keep in mind that users don’t read, they scan. That means your content is going to need to be very scan-able content. We want scan-able content, we want shareable content.
  2. Before you start blogging, it’s great to have a plan.

Keep in mind three things when you’re creating a plan for blogging:

  1. Your audience. You’re going to need to know this because you’re writing to them and for them.
  2. You need to gather content ideas. What are you going to be sharing with them? Have a plan.
  3. You’re going to want to take those and schedule them out so that you develop a rhythm and a cadence to your blogging.

So, there you have it. We are about to get started with our top ten must-dos for writing good blog posts.

Our “Blog Writing Guide” eBook has 10 tips on making the best blog posts possible. If you’re interested, you can fill out a form and download it here.

Happy blogging.

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