Drawing a Blank: Benefits of a Text-Only Header

Why Would You Use a Text-Only Header?

Business owners usually have a list of expectations when they come to us for a new website.

They want a website that looks professional. They want a website that works on all devices. They want a website that customers will like. And they want a website that Google will like.

But there’s usually another request, one that’s a little harder to pin down. Business owners invariably want a website that “stands out.”

Start With Your Message

Wanting a website that stands out is a great instinct. But as a business owner, your ability to stand out online is pinned to how you answer one simple question:

“What is your message?”

The fanciest website in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t know who your customers are and how your company will solve their problems. Defining and refining your message is the difference between being Apple and being… well, a guy who just sells apples.

Once you’ve distilled your company’s unique offerings into a clean and memorable turn of phrase, you can make your website stand out with modern design choices.

One technique that is gaining traction is both simple and counterintuitive: make your chosen phrase big and bold at the top of your website, with no images to muddle your message.

Here’s Why You Should Use a Text-Only Header

If you think this approach is just an excuse for web developers to be lazy, think again.

According to Web Designer Depot, websites that find inventive but minimalist ways to feature their message can increase user engagement and create a more lasting impression.

Some best practices for an effective text-only website header include:

  • Lead with a key phrase that tells users what problem you will solve for them.
  • Use a simple font that complements the text throughout the rest of the page.
  • Balance text with a healthy amount of negative space. Open areas draw users’ eyes to the type and force them to focus on your message.

Just because we aren’t using images doesn’t mean this can’t be fun. Strong, vibrant color choices can reinforce your messaging and your site’s aesthetic.

The text-only header approach won’t work for all websites, of course. But establishing your message is a must before tackling a new website project or any major marketing initiative.

If you can create a strong value proposition that resonates with your customers, all you’ll need is a few powerful words to get your message across. That, more than anything else, will make your website stand way out among your competitors.

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