TALG: A Case Study in Synergy

As a team, we’re currently reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, so the word synergy is on the brain. But it’s actually a great way to describe this project.

Every once in a while, you get a project that just… clicks. The process runs smoothly and efficiently, everyone’s on the same page, and the project goes off without a hitch. It’s awesome.

The Client

TALG, formerly known as The Amin Law Group, was founded and is run by Ismail Amin, who is quite possibly the nicest human being on Planet Earth. He’s also a darn good attorney, which makes him kind of a unicorn in our eyes. (No offense to the attorneys out there, but you probably get what we mean.)

TALG represents businesses in a number of matters, including litigation, intellectual property, real estate (specifically construction defect defense), and some personal legal services. The firm has locations in Las Vegas, Orange County, and Dallas. Ismail and his team have represented prestigious clients in the hospitality, healthcare, aviation, insurance, and financial industries, to name a few.

The Project

Like most our clients, TALG’s website was old and outdated. Some of the content was too lengthy and irrelevant or uninteresting to users. But the firm had a bigger problem: its site was being hacked repeatedly. As you can imagine, this was quite embarrassing and reflected poorly on a firm with an otherwise stellar reputation.

Our goal was to update the look and feel of TALG’s website with a clean, modern design and beautiful images representing TALG’s three locations; to update the content into concise, compelling, digestible pieces; and to minimize the opportunity for hacking as much as possible.

We built the site on the WordPress platform and are hosting the site with WP Engine, which specializes in WordPress sites and places site security as one of its top priorities.

Tyler created a mobile-first design, breaking up practice areas and headings into compelling, readable text boxes. He used a timeline function for the company history and a toggle function for the practice areas, as well as a nice, clean layout for the industries served. He also created custom bio pages for each TALG attorney and staff member.

Tyree cut, combined, and created new content to get TALG’s message across without being too wordy.

But what made this project most successful was the trust and cooperation of Ismail and his team. Even in the midst of traveling to Europe to run a marathon (What’d we tell ya? Unicorn.), Ismail remained communicative and involved in the process. He provided specific feedback but was also open to changing his mind based on our expertise and best practices.

It was synergy at its finest and in the end we were able to achieve a Win-Win for all! Projects like these help to remind us why we love our jobs so much. Thanks, TALG!

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