Pacific Summit Energy: A High Energy Case Study

The Client

Pacific Summit Energy (PSE) is the North American energy marketing and trading affiliate of Sumitomo Corporation, a Japanese global enterprise with more than 350 years of business history.

Despite this pedigree, the PSE team is based in Newport Beach and offers a local, friendly, and experienced team for their clients. Since 2004, PSE has grown to include more than 80 employees across the U.S. by focusing on relationships with clients throughout the energy supply chain.

The Project

PSE needed a website that conveyed what they do clearly and quickly. The site also needed to demonstrate the capabilities and professionalism you would expect from an affiliate of a global conglomerate. The company had expanded its scope in recent years by adding trading desks in more markets, and their old website didn’t tell PSE’s story as well as it could.

We were excited to help Pacific Summit Energy tell their story and showcase the markets they specialized in.


Our designer leaned into the images that surround the energy industry. Pipelines, ports, power plants, stock markets — PSE’s purview includes all of these markets and more.

PSE’s simplified sitemap allowed us to incorporate additional design details throughout the site, such as header videos related to PSE’s niche clients. Throughout the subpages, background images highlight content related to specific markets. A blue and gray color palette provides accents and highlights calls to action.

The new site’s ‘modular’ approach translates well to mobile devices, which ‘stacks’ rows for longer scrolling on smaller screens.


Our content writer worked closely with the PSE team to hone their messaging and make it ‘scannable’ for website visitors.

Like many of our clients, PSE is a known entity in their niche. Much of their website’s target audience arrives with a basic understanding of what the company does. This knowledge allowed us to present PSE’s credentials and capabilities concisely.

The Results

PSE’s new site uses impressive imagery, animations, and splashes of color to create a sense of energy around the business. Their website ties the abstract world of trading back to the physical environments that are the bedrock of their work.

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