Morrow Management: A Not-So-Dry Case Study

Learning about the industries our clients serve means there’s never a dull moment here at Website Muscle. We enjoy the variety and the challenge of investigating and researching lesser known industries and niche markets. Morrow Management is one such client.

The Client

Morrow Management is a family owned and operated dry utility consultant in Southern California. If you’re like most people, that doesn’t mean much to you. Yet, we ALL use dry utilities on a daily basis — and someone had to design and install them.

Fortunately, Morrow Management’s ideal customers know exactly what it means… and they probably already know who Morrow Management is too. The Morrow family has worked hard to establish their business as an industry leader for more than 16 years.

Simply put, “dry utilities” include gas, electric, phone, and cable. Morrow Management designs and coordinates the installation of dry utilities. Their primary clients are real estate developers and municipalities.

The dry utility industry has an interesting history. For many years, there were no laws regulating dry utilities, so a few large agencies dominated. Many of the practices were unethical but remained unchallenged. Eventually, more dry utility coordinators emerged, making the market more competitive. This led to the enactment of some legislation to regulate the industry.

Morrow Management has built a solid reputation over the past 16 years as a reliable advocate for its clients. Not only does the Morrow team design and coordinate dry utilities, but they know and understand the complex governing regulations to ensure their clients aren’t treated unfairly.

The Project

Morrow Management’s website was outdated and did not accurately reflect how large, substantial, and reputable the company is. The content was dull and a bit too lengthy, there was little to no imagery on the site, and CTAs to engage visitors were absent.

After our strategy session, we immediately connected the Morrows with our good buddy Jon Haverstick for some on-location photography of their newly remodeled headquarters in San Clemente, their owners, and their team members.

Tyree worked with Jim, Scott, and Danielle Morrow to learn their vision for the site’s content, which included honing in on the messaging, directing it to their target audience, and condensing the content considerably.

Tyler created a modern, clean, and professional design. He added prominent client logos as trust indicators; broke up the content into concise, readable bits; and integrated Jon’s photography with some high quality stock photography to help tell the Morrow Management story.

The Result

Both we and the client are very pleased with the outcome of the new Morrow Management website. We are confident this will be a much better representation of the company to its current and prospective customers.

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