GPI: A “High Pressure” Case Study

The Client

GPI (Global Precision Instruments) manufactures and distributes high quality, professional grade thermometers and pressure gauges. The manufacturing plant was established in 2001 near Shanghai, China and, in response to territory expansion, the company recently opened a new facility in Los Angeles, California.

The new facility contains sales, administration, and quality assurance departments, as well as a warehouse and distribution center to serve GPI’s growing North American customer base.

The Project

As with many of our clients, the purpose of GPI’s new website would be to lend credibility and trust in the company for their new North American customers, as well as to showcase products.

Tyler created a modern, professional design for the site. GPI also wanted to highlight the two major trade shows they attend each year, so we integrated a blog to enable GPI to post events and updates.

Tyler custom designed the Home and Products pages. On the Products page, we segmented the products into six categories, and each product was manually entered, including features, applications, and images. Complete product info including specifications, measurements, diagrams, etc. was attached to each product as a PDF for download.

I wrote some basic content, introducing the company and briefly sharing their story, but the overall emphasis is the products. The main call to action (CTA) at this time would be to contact GPI for inquiries or to place an order.

The Result

Of course, no project would be complete without some type of challenge! (It’s okay, it keeps us on our toes.) In this case, there were some communication delays, as the owner was traveling to and from China throughout the duration of the project. His team stateside worked hard to keep things moving though, and so we are proud to say that once again, we hit all our deadlines and the website was launched on time!

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