DBA Manufacturing: A “Just in Time” Case Study

The Client

DBA Manufacturing offers a lean and flexible operating system for small business manufacturers.

DBA serves a unique niche — manufacturers that do enough business that they need an operating system, but not so large that they need an expensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

The Project

DBA had a lot of existing resources, including videos, FAQs, and other content illuminating their system. Reaching these resources through their existing site was difficult, however, because they were spread across various pages throughout the site.

The DBA leadership team wanted to modernize the look and feel of their site, make it responsive for mobile users, and streamline their sitemap to make their resources more accessible to their clients.


Our designer set out to present DBA’s resources in an intuitive, user-friendly way. This process started with replacing the boxed-in, outdated existing website with a full-width homepage image that small business manufacturers could identify with.

We also incorporated one of DBA’s marketing videos — “The DBA Difference” — as a button on the homepage that plays as an overlay.

Information on the other pages throughout the site was laid out in a modular style that would be easy to update and revise as the DBA iterates on their operating system. White space and blue accents that match the company’s logo gives the site a modern, professional feel.


DBA was well prepared for their new website project. They provided extensive written content, videos, and screenshots of their system to explain and highlight various aspects of their product.

Our content writer worked with DBA to streamline their sitemap, incorporating linked rows and subnavigation menus on longer, scrollable pages. These adjustments reduced the number of necessary pages while still connecting users to the information they need.

The Results

The new DBA Manufacturing site presents a much-improved user experience from beginning to end. The simplified sitemap gives users quicker access to relevant information, and the new design presents DBA as a competitive player in their marketplace.

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