Arrowhead Products: Case Study Blast-Off!

The Client

Arrowhead Products is a leading provider of aerospace ducting systems and rocket propulsion lines. Arrowhead has been in business since 1937 and their products are in most major commercial, military, and US space launch vehicles.

The Project

The quality of Arrowhead’s old website did not match the quality of their products. Their existing site had a boxed-in look that did not translate well on mobile devices. The design and imagery also did not capitalize on the inherent wonder of Arrowhead’s niche. They build parts for jets and spaceships but their website looked like any other neglected B2B page.

As a design team — and closet space nerds — we were excited to help Arrowhead create a new site that was “out of this world.” (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)


Developing Arrowhead’s new site would take a bit more thought than pasting pictures of rockets on every page. Arrowhead brought in a professional to capture photos of their headquarters and staff. Combined with tasteful stock photos, Arrowhead was able to highlight both what they do and the industries they serve.

Beyond the imagery, we developed a full-width website that was as engaging on mobile devices as on desktop computers. The red in Arrowhead’s logo, along with a “military/industrial” dark gray, serve as accents throughout the site. to draw in visitors’ eyes and break up the images and white space.


Arrowhead needed to show the company’s credentials and specialties while keeping website visitors engaged.

To avoid losing users to paragraphs of dry text, we focused on breaking up salient points into modular rows with design elements.

Refining Arrowhead’s message helped us clearly present their products and services. We were also able to give website visitors clear paths to take action. Calls to action included contacting Arrowhead or learning more about what their offerings.

The Results

Arrowhead Products’ new website is a textbook example of bringing great strategy, design, and content together.

The new website is mobile-responsive and each page gives users the information they need to keep moving down the conversion path. The site’s imagery makes Arrowhead stand out as a leader in their niche and the online sphere.

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